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Conservative Grassroots Champion Shelley Luther Launches Campaign for Texas HD 62

Updated: Nov 14, 2021

SHERMAN, TX, November 15, 2021- Shelley Luther announced her bid for Texas House District 62 this morning.

Last year, Shelley gained prominence within the conservative movement when she was jailed for defying lockdowns and keeping her salon open.

“In the past year and a half, we have discovered a desperate need for true conservatives in our legislature who have the courage to stand up for the people of Texas'', Luther said. “It’s time for a state representative who will address the priorities established by our party and stop making excuses for shady backroom deals and inaction while our state is under siege. Right now in Texas, illegals flood our border unopposed, children are being taught to hate each other for their skin color, and people are being forced out of work for not taking an experimental COVID vaccine.

“Texas is leading from behind. All across the district, people are telling me they want an elected official who will be accountable to the voters and not the Austin Swamp. I have the grit and backbone to stand up for liberty and a track record to prove it. It would be my greatest honor to serve the people of HD 62 as their State Representative and take the conservative fight to Austin.”

Shelley Luther is a small business owner and former teacher who was thrown in jail by a liberal judge last year for refusing to apologize for reopening her business against unlawful mandates. Luther’s words resonated with patriots around the country when she famously said, “So sir, if you think the law is more important than kids getting fed, then go ahead with your decision [to jail me], but I am not shutting the salon.”

Luther’s experience opening her salon has propelled her to become a prominent conservative leader and activist, speaking at rallies and events nationwide. Luther uses her platform to encourage Patriots to have the courage to stand up, become active in their local and state politics, and fight to take back the liberty and freedoms that have been lost. The story of Luther’s fight to keep her business open has become a symbol and inspiration to people all over the country as they struggle to retain their own personal rights and freedoms.

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